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Vantage Value Every Enquiry, And Here's Why...

Getting & keeping of Customers!!

After the last few months of mayhem for business, the like of which has never been seen before, the getting and keeping of customers has never been more important for business to survive and prosper, however I have had to wonder at how many businesses just have not got the message loud and clear.

I site an instance that we encountered this week, when we gave an enquiry for some large BSW socket head bolts to companies in the West Midlands. The order value was only in the region of £300.00; however the first company handles our enquiry competently and with courtesy – GREAT! Just what was expected? The second company based in the Black Country, on answering our telephone enquiry listened to what our requirement was and answered as follows…

Fastener Company: - ‘’we won’t have these’’

Us: - ‘’well, can you get them’’

Fastener Company: - ‘’don’t think so’’

Us: - ‘’well your competitor in West Bromwich can get them’’

Fastener Company: - ‘’well I suggest you go and get them from there then’’

End Of Conversation.

I for one found this response appalling and we will be going only to their biggest competitor for all of our future requirements.

So they have just lost a customer because of the response of one sales assistant who is quite obviously in urgent need of some training. How many more sales opportunities are they ignoring? And how many customers are being driven away never to return!?

Getting and keeping customers is of paramount importance in these times, and I can tell you here at Vantage Industrial, we understand this totally, and every customer that contacts us gets our attention and the response that they deserve, regardless of the value of the enquiry.


1. Attitude is the way you respond to a situation, not the situation itself. The

2. The Second thing about attitude is - YOU GET TO CHOOSE IT

3. Ask the right question

- How could i use that

- How could that work for me in my business

- What could i do to turn this into a positive

Control = Responsibility

Responsibility = Control

- When we take control of things everything feels better

- But to take control of everything we have to accept responsibility for them

These Principles and actions are something that we value highly at Vantage Industrial and we do this to make sure we are giving you the VERY BEST SERVICE, time after time and to help you save time and money!

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