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Water, in any form, must be removed for the system to run correctly and efficiently. That is why dryers are imperative to generate clean, dry air. Drying the air can range from trapping condensed water and preventing additional condensation of water vapor to removing virtually all the water present.

 What Type of Equipment Can Vantage Supply to Ensure Clean & Dry Air? 

Vantage Industrial Equipment Can Supply all types of Compressed Air Drying Equipment, from Desiccant Air Dryers, Refrigeration Dryers, Chemical Dryers and Membrane Air Dryers. Importantly, our specialist equipment is manufactured here in the UK, so we can assure you of its quality and availability. Don't forget, Vantage Industrial Compressed Air Engineers can also Install any New Equipment for you.

 What are the features & benefits of our dryer solutions? 

Energy Efficient Operation  

      Now more than ever before, energy costs and the reduction of, are critical in our quest to

      help our customers - That is our major objective, and always will be!

   Robust & Sturdy Design   

Which means that our dryers will stand up to the rigours of every day industrial use.


Minimal Maintenance Costs

Which means that we can basically fit it for you - and apart from functionality checks.. saves you costs again.

For a detailed description of how these types of equipment work, click the button below..

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 1st Class Compressed Air Service 

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Design, Install & Commission

Planned Scheduled Service Work

24/7 Emergency Breakdowns

Refrigerant & Dessicant Dryers for Clean Dry Air

New & Used Compressors

Nitrogen Generators


Air Energy Audits

Mobile Air on Site

Compressed Air: Services

R E F R I G E R A N T   & 
  D E S S I C A N T   
D R Y E R S  

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