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B E A R I N G S 

If your production facility is in urgent need of ball or roller bearings, machine tool spindles or ball screws, Vantage Industrial Equipment have the knowledge & expertise to ensure that critical downtime is kept to a an absolute minimum, which means less cost and peace of mind to our customers. Call us NOW at our West Midlands Service Centre for a fast response and mostly same day delivery on all types and makes of bearings.

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    Machine Tool Bearing Specialist   

Vantage Industrial Equipment have for 40 years provided bearings to the West Midlands manufacturing and service industries. In addition to standard roller bearings, we are specialist in the supply of machine tool bearings for high speed grinding spindles and ball screws are a particular forte!.


Eminating back to the days when the west midlands was a 'hotbed' for the machine tool industry, when names such as Herbert Machgine Tools, Cincinnati, Webster & Bennet, Matrix, Wickman Acme Gridley ruled the world in Machine Tool Manufacture- and we still supply bearings for all of these machines today!

However times have now moved on but Vantage Industrial Equipment have moved with them and we supply all the newly developed high speed angular contact bearings with speeds up to 20,000 rpm.

Vantage Industrial Equipment stock and supply the new ceramic angular contact bearings which make these high speeds possible!



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40 years of knowledge give you the peace of mind

Fast Response - Reduced

Downtime - Saving Costs

24 Hour Emergency Service


We have the G.A.S Factor -

(We Give A Sh*t)

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