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Santa Wasn't The Only One to Deliver on Time This Christmas!

Updated: Mar 20

Read about our latest big production stopper!

This 1940's or 1950's 200HP, 6 pole Crompton Parkinson motor went down on Wednesday 21st December.

Our task was to ensure that production was ready to start again on Tuesday 3rd January. This meant 'all hands to the motor' through the Christmas holiday to carry out a rewind and refurbishment.

This motor approximate at nearly 2 Tonne is built like a tank, and of course they dont make them like this anymore, and to be able to still be in constant daily use some 70 years after it was munufactured is testament to the great british engineering standards of that period.

On the end of the extremely long shaft was this 12 groove D section belt pulley, which took some shifting, having no taper locks (they hadn't been invented when this pulley was made.

160 tonne wouldnt shift it to start with, but with heat and loads of penetrate it eventually moved!)

The Completed rewind was delivered back to the customer on time and installed by us in time for production to start up.

Here's to another 70 years, and get another big challenge completed on time!

All Delivered back to site ON TIME!

This is what we DO!, we thrive on solving peoples problems and getting Sh*t Done!

If you need help with any Motors, Hydraulics, Compressed Air or Gearboxes, Give us a call on our local West Bromwich branch, We are vailable for Breakdown situations 24 hours a day to meet your needs.

West Bromwich: - 0121 500 5525

24 Hour Emergency Number: - 07831 374 021

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