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Have You Ever Tried Knitting Fog!??..

Updated: Mar 14

We Know you must have experienced this before

Some days when you are trying to enquire about a product.. or even when you have the Temerity to even just PLACE AN ORDER!!! - Some companies do their very level best to try and make things extremely difficult, and it is usually the larger organisations that do this, not all of them, but usually when you have have enventually negotiated the automated phone options and made contact with a real person.. it tends to go something like this....

  1. You explain exactly what you want and who you are

- The first thing they ask is - 'What is your Postcode'!?...

- Then failure to find you postcode results in the response.. You are not on our System!

2. Ok, but is that preventing us buying from your company!?

- Then they will generally say - 'Well yes, because we have no record of you'

At this point, you tend to get extremely frustrated and annoyed at the blatant NEGATIVITY and HANG UP, genrally resulting you buying your product from elsewhere....

Not good!

Another common problem problem with enquiring on larger companies is that their sales person often asks you on 3 or 4 occasions what the name of your company is?.. and it is obvious that they are not trained to 'Listen'... SO SO FRUSTRATING!

On the Other Hand

We deal with some really great suppliers, where you can get direct contact (No automated answering) with the person that you NEED. They are bright, cheery, listen to you and they then do exactly what they have agreed to do.. so simple.

We at VANTAGE strive to be an easy company to do business with, getting to the right person with 2 rings of the telephone, listening to the customers message or request - and then taking the agreed action in the time frame that was requested - ITS SO SIMPLE!!

This philosophy of ours is critical when it comes to dealing with your manufacturing problems.. particuarly during a breakdown situation, we know every minute is crucial.. imagine the frustration if someone was not listening!?.. that is if you can get someone to answer the phone out of hours..🤞 (wink wink)

To Speak to a Company That LISTEN, RESPOND & SMILE.. call VANTAGE - 0121 500 5525

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