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Do I Need a Regulator On a Compressor?... Absolutely Yes!

For most production operatives, their perception of Compressed Air is that it is FREE!.. and leaving Compressors running when not in use, or having a factory with several air leaks, usually from cylinders, valves, FRL's and pipework isn't really a problem.. Its a BIG ONE!

By ensuring that regulators are fitted to compressed air system, the volume of air being delivered from a compressor can be controlled by either increasing or more importantly reducing the volume of air being delivered.

Because compressed air systems are prolific consumers of energy, the perception of production operatives could not be more wrong, and all the leaks around the factory contribute to having to produce more air to compensate for the leaks. and consequently, the electricity consumption is increased with it. FIXING THE LEAKS IS SO IMPORTANT!

Did You Know?

By regulating the air pressure down by 1 bar can save 7% on your energy costs, and when you have a system with multiple compressors.. That 7% can be very substantial.

Interestingly, we have seen instances when we have advised customers to regulate the air pressure down by 1 bar, when the production operatives are aware that the air pressure is being reduced they will usually find a problem! If they are unaware that the air pressure is being reduced, they tend to carry on blissfully unaware - and the savings can be made. You may be able to even reduce it by another 1/2 bar after a few weeks and further more increase your savings!

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