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Another Happy Customer.. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!

A Major Tier 1 JLR supplier who supply trackside delivery rang us at 8.00pm in Tuesday Evening, They had a MAJOR PROBLEM!

The Rotex Coupling from a large power pack on an injection moulding machine had cracked and broken. We kind of knew we were the 'last resort' on this.. but we don't mind that, in fact it gives us added determination to prove that we should have been first call, not last!.

Above: Customers Damaged Rotex Coupling

The customer also needed both hubs of the coupling bored & keywayed - but that was no problem to us and we duly delivered the completed coupling at 1.30 am on Wednesday morning.. saving a probable penalty clause and ensuing costs. We always relish being tested.. but most importantly.. WE HAVE A HAPPY CUSTOMER!

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