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How To Maximise The Performance of My Compressor

In these troubled times and lockdown, it is crucial that existing machines and plant are kept at optimum performance levels to ensur that sevice & running costs ae kept to a minimum, eliminating nasty surprises in the followingv months and years.

Lockdown measures and months of economic uncertainty may have delayed some businesses capital investment plans. However and despite this, it is vital to make surethat essential that essential compressed air and plant equipment is still performig breliably & economically.

The following principles will help in optimising the efficiency of exisiting installations, to make sure a compressor system continues to offer reliable performance & best value in keeping to a minimum, whole life costs.

At VANTAGE INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT, We can help you implement any of the following procedures and wouyld be more than happy to offer more advice and help regarding your Compressed Air System.

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  1. Fix Unnecessary Leaks

Air Leaks are the major cause of energy loss in inustrial air intsallations, typically wasting as much as 20-30% od the systems output. (We recently carried out an energy audit for a client and they were losing up to 45 - 50% of the air that they were generating through leaks all over the factory - This was costing them 48,000 - 50,000 per year!)

The Carbon trust report that a leak from as small as 3mm can cost over £700.00 anually. Multiply that throughout the factory and it becomes patently clear that many thousands of pounds go 'down the drain' or in the case, out into the atmosphere! A solution is a leak detection survey which can identify all air leaks quickly so that remedial action can be taken.

Alternatively, a flow meter is a reliable means of evaluating compressed air generation and 'downstream' inneficiency costs. finding and fixing just one leak could potentiually save enough money to cover tyhe cost of the flow meter. Amnother solution as mentioned above is an ENERGY AUDIT which can help identify ai leaks, and to ensure that these are managed effectively.

2. Service Costs

It is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of your compressors that recommend servic intervals are adhered to and not 'skipped' missing a service or two could lead to untold problems culminating in catastrophic air end failure which would cost thousandsa to repair or replace. Weekly checks of your compressors is a great idea also, checking oil, looking for leaks, temperature etc. will help to reduce any unforseen problems.

Ensuring that down the line air treatment filter elements, eg, Dryer, pre & after are replaced on schedule to ensure good quality clean dry air.

3. Recover Heat

Up to 94% of a compressors generated heat is lost to atmosphere, however this heat can be recovered through a variety of processes. These include installing an energy recovery system that is fitted to the oil circulation system, or using the waste heat in space heating - e circulating warm air from the compressors to a local area. this energy can also heat water supplies in manufacturing processes where hated water is required, such a s central heating, hot water washing & steam systems.

4. Sizing The System Correctly - Data Logging

A major means of reducimng a compressors total life cycle costs is to make sure it is sized correctly for the system demand. Users need to know thge maximum and minimum air pressures and the compressed air flow needed by the system demands.

On exixting systems, all this information can be measured by installing a Data Logging Device, which audits and saves the required data. This data can be used to select the correctly sized compressor for the job, which eliminates the risk of specifying above or below the systems requirements.

5. Using Data Analytics

The internet of things and Data Analytics can help operators tot see how efficiently a compressor is runing and whatever improvements can be made. This will not only highlight any potential problems now, but also enable operators to forecast potential faliure problems based on deteriorating compressor performance.

Predictive maintenance models based on real time data can be established to help reduce energy consumption, improve process efficiency and minimise any risks.

Industry averages suggests energy costs account for more than 80% of a compressors total cost of ownership, by taking a whole system approach to compressor efficiency. operators can achieve significant cost savings and performance gains.

To End...

If you are looking for advice, or would even like to book a free service consultation, We look Forward to hearing from you regarding your Compressed Air System.. We are here to help you SAVE MONEY!

Remember - We also can Respond to Compressed Air Emergency Breakdowns.. and you can read more about this here!

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