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Take a look at how our customers have benefited from our unique service



(Maintenance Manager)

We contacted Vantage about 3 years ago when we had a major let down from an existing supplier who had quoted 4 weeks to overhaul 2 Worm Gearboxes, which would have caused us major production issues.

Vantage turned these round for us in a week, which really helped us keep our customer happy.

We have since enjoyed a good relationship and all our Gear Units, Pumps and motors are looked after, not just for repair/rebuild but in preventative work with vibration analysis and thermographic surveys.

We see them as our go to company when we are up against it


(Foundary Maintenance Supervisor)

''When we have breakdowns, they are always major and cause us big problems with lost production and the ensuing costs. We can ring Vantage at any time of the day or night and they swing into action. I have dealt with Vantage for about 15 years and they always have a solution that gets us out of trouble, whether it's bearings, pumps or even site servicing''


(Maintenance Manager)

Steve & the team at Vantage have been a trusted supplier for many years, they are our 'go to' company whenever we have a problem, hydraulics, compressed air, pumps and motors, gearboxes, you name it.. they can fix every problem, they are the 'right arm' to our maintenance team!

I would definitely recommend Vantage to any company looking to reduce their costs, saving downtime is so critical and Vantage can help in this area.

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